SAP HR Mini Master for Travel and Expense Management

Travel Management is a sub-module of SAP HR. However, due to its heavy integration with SAP Finance, it comes under the SAP Financial Accounting node in SPRO (SAP Reference IMG).

Travel Management requires Employee Master Data Set Up for Creation of Travel Expenses, Approval, Settlement and Posting to Finance.

This course will follow the steps to maintain the HR Mini Master Data for Travel Management.

Travel Management includes Trip duration, Receipts, Auto Per Diem Invoice, Mileage, Destinations, Advances and

Credit Card clearing

Travel Requirements- Business Reasons-request a Trip, Online booking by connection to external reservation systems

Travel Request- You make a travel request of your line manager to approve

Plan and book trip-You enter trip destination/ trip time – book flight, hotel, car rental via a Global Distribution System (GDS)

Add additional trip facts- You add the remaining trip facts – you check the trip and approve it for settlement

Data Settle- The system calculates the trip – you can print a statement for the employee

Financial Accounting- Booking travel expenses in Financial Accounting – trip results got to Cost Accounting – Taxation via HR settlement

Maintain HR Mini Master Data using transaction PA40/ PA30

Actions (Infotype 0000)

Organizational Assignment (Infotype 0001)

Personal Data (Infotype 0002)

Addresses (Infotype 0006)

Bank Details (Infotype 0009)

Travel Privileges (Infotype 0017)

Communication- Credit Card Number (Infotype 0105)

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